Visitors and users

As part of the Pathfinder project, Tourism South East were commissioned to examine the profile, visiting pattern and views of visitors and users of the Estuary.

Visitor and user survey stage 1 - current situation
This research looks at the current profile of visitors to and users of the Cuckmere Estuary; the main features and purpose of their trip, their opinions and expenditure.

Visitor and user survey stage 2 - future scenarios 
These two follow-up reports look at any likely  future changes in visitor and user patterns and profiles at the Estuary. The first report sets out the views of some of those interviewed for the stage 1 study, while the second describes the views of a 'control group', drawn from a wider audience.
Those taking part in follow-up surveys were presented with broad possible future views of the Cuckmere from a key vantage point, and asked to indicate whether the changes shown would alter if and how often they might visit the estuary in the future. These views were based on the broad potential outcomes as predicted by Capital Symonds in their modelling report (to be published on this website shortly).  
These follow-up visitor and user results are analysed in detail in the stage 2 economic study, in which economic consultants eftec examine how future management options could affect visitors and users of the Estuary and the wider economy.