Consultants Eftec were commissioned as part of the Pathfinder project to examine the economic contribution made by the Cuckmere Estuary. Their work draws on the findings of the Visitor and User survey also undertaken as part of the project.

Economic study stage 1 - current situation
This report looks at the current economic contribution made by the Cuckmere Estuary. (Please note that an error in Table 1 in the version of the report previously placed on this website has now been corrected.)

Economic study stage 2 - future scenarios
This second stage of the research assesses the likely economic impacts of different flood risk management options for the Cuckmere.  

Download the report - Economic Appraisal of Possible Management Options for the Cuckmere Estuary

Please note that, since this report was commissioned, members of the community have agreed that 'cost' should not be one of the criteria used at this stage to assess the different options being considered. Please bear this in mind when reading this report. In addition, a study by other maritime engineers showed that Option F could be implemented for £900,000 with no need for an impermeable core.