New research

Four new research studies have been commissioned as part of the Pathfinder Project, on the heritage, landscape, visitors and users and economy of the Cuckmere. The studies were undertaken in two stages: the first stage looked at the current situation while the second stage looked at what might happen in the Cuckmere in the future, based on the results of the new modelling work.

The results of the research and modelling were presented at two public evidence events, held on 8 February and 5 April 2011. Please see 'About the project' for further information about these events.

In addition to this commissioned research ESCC has produced a report looking at the possible impact on the ecology of the Cuckmere of different management options. 

Existing research

These four research reports add to a wealth of existing information about the Cuckmere which has been produced and commissioned by different organisations and academics. We are continually updating a database of information relevant to the Cuckmere, which includes information on where reports can be accessed.